Women Who Snub

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For me, and I am assuming most women, feeling snubbed is one of the most immediately painful reactions we ladies can have. As my husband beautifully stated, snubbing is one of the most effective ways a woman has to punish another woman. The deep sting and simultaneous hurt of someone else purposefully invalidating and rejecting us is a pain like no other.


To be snubbed can actually be a gift. It was for me.



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7 thoughts on “Women Who Snub

  1. This is my favorite line Beth…
    “I cannot control how I am received in this world. What I can control is what I put out there, my reaction and the energy I allow into my life. ”

    Well said. I also got the feeling that I was standing right there with you. Sorry you had to go through that. (along with all the other stuff) I agree with Brenda…Keep writing!

  2. Beth, I have said it before and I will say it again and I will keep saying as long as there is an opportunity, you have a gift, a huge wonderful gift, that needs to be shared. You have a human way to express things that happened to you , but in reality have happend to everyone at one time or another, you will of course share that gift with your children and anyone who you come in contact with but you should be a counselor at the very least, a writer, a mentor, someone who comes in contact with the world through your thoughts and words. Your family and friends should consider it a gift to be able to have you in their lives. God gave you a talent that is not given to many and I thank you for allowing me and everyone else to see such a private but inciteful and beautiful person.

  3. Aunt Sue, As always, thank you for taking the time to read and thank you for taking the time to write such loving and supportive comments. Your words are so thoughtful and I appreciate them. Thank You!

  4. I loved meeting you at that conference ;o)

    Caring too much about how I was perceived took up way too much time and energy my whole life. It’s good to let go of that. I try to be a good person and if some don’t like me there isn’t anything I can do about it. So freeing.

  5. Beth – I am soo glad you are journaling again! You have a gift and I love reading you! I have missed your site the last couple of years. I am so happy you are back at it!

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