I should be continuing our SJS story, but Kyle is sick — again.

Kyle, Eli & the Innes Boys 2004 or 2005

Today my writing is sloppy and brief. I will fix it when I can. Shortly we are leaving to take Kyle to the doctor.

As most of you know, a year ago Kyle was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Recently I began sharing our story. I have alluded to the fact that Kyle is still not out of the woods. Today is another reminder of how delicate life is. His immune system is weak. When Kyle gets sick his body always embraces the whole go-big-or-go-home attitude. Strep Throat can get him back in the hospital and a cut will turn into a serious staph infection. That’s just how it is, our new normal. Two weeks ago he had Strep Throat (again), Hand, Foot & Mouth, and a Staph Infection on his upper thigh all at the same time.

Last night I came home from the Salt Lake City H&M Grand Opening Event (pays to have press connections, by the way). When I walked in the door, I could hear Kyle moaning. I settled him and about an hour later he came running into my room screaming. “MOM, MOM, I can’t breath! My stomach! Mom! Mom! I don’t feel well!” Deliriously I watched him try to throw up in my bathroom and eventually we made our way to the kitchen where after a few minutes of helping him relax (or relax as much as one can right before you throw up), he puked his guts out and continued to puke his guts out all night long while Dave and I played chicken with each other over who would get up and be with Kyle next.

It may be nothing. These days with Kyle, it often is somthing. My head aches and I am not sure what to do. This is how we roll.

9 thoughts on “I should be continuing our SJS story, but Kyle is sick — again.

  1. This must be so frustrating for Kyle. My husband deals with a compromised immune system after living with RA for many years. Simple colds turn into pneumonia. A spider bite can send him to the hospital, and sometimes it just simply hurts to push the air out of his lungs.
    One might think that would be enough to bring him down. The real frustration comes in just simply feeling tired and run down all the time and not being able to do those things he used to do, or feels like he should be able to do.
    Thanks for showing me that we are not alone.
    Most important my thoughts and prayers are with you, Kyle, Eli, & Dave!!

  2. Busy Mom, He is doing much better. We are going to be taking him to two different specialists. Hoping everything will be ok. Thank you for checking on him~

  3. Thank, Brenda! I know you and Ted are dealing with a lot. You are a good wife and are good to look out for him. We are SO not alone!

  4. Thank you, Nino! Life is good. I do; however, think my head is exhausted. Trying to balance everything. I know you can relate. xxoo

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