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Surprise! I’m Pregnant (was): Part Two

Tuesday, July 31, I was in bed thinking all was as it should be, Dave woke up and left for work. Work in Portland, you ask? A few months ago Dave’s brother Dennis and Dave’s best friend, Justin, bought a church. Dennis and Justin ...Read More

Surprise! I’m Pregnant. (was)

[Saturday Morning, August 4, 2012, 11:06AM: PART TWO will be waiting for you early Monday Morning. Thank you for reading and making it over to my space on the planet! It means a lot to me!] [UPDATE: Saturday August 3, 2012. When I began ...Read More

Two Pink Lines: The Beginning

Where do I begin? I guess it was about a month ago. I was headed over with a requested (by Carol’s husband, Chris) a home-made vegetable cake for Carol’s birthday. This day is significant because according to my typical cycle, it was perfect timing ...Read More

Two Pink Lines and you now what that means?

UPDATE June 8th, 5:34 MST : Thank you everyone! I am blown away with your well wishes and congratulations! You are helping me through the day, a day when I feel completely pukey — I am late to take the boys to swimming lessons, ...Read More