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My Words. My Story.

Preface. I wrote this post last night.  I told Dave that I would not post it online, and would keep it with all my other working-out-my-religion posts.  Please know I never want to offend. That is why I try to leave my beliefs offline.  Also ...Read More

Please Love Me, The Syndrome

Note: I am not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on tv. Keep in mind that my dad is a psychologist. Enjoy. I am stealing that phrase from Dr. Gabor Maté. After posting about being “all in” yesterday, my friend nailed it and ...Read More

Great Basin National Park from both sides…

with a little Mormon who-do-you-know Heading west, we are leaving Great Basin National Park. I see the reflected sunset blend pinks, blues and purples across the mountains. I wish I could capture what I see. These mountains’ die cut shapes are now printed in ...Read More

Shutting Doors: my own self help

  I have no idea where the phrase, “keep someone at arm’s length,” comes from and believe me I looked it up. I do think that whoever thought it up was on to something. Boundaries, I never had them and I still have to ...Read More