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My Words. My Story.

Preface. I wrote this post last night.  I told Dave that I would not post it online, and would keep it with all my other working-out-my-religion posts.  Please know I never want to offend. That is why I try to leave my beliefs offline.  Also ...Read More

Please Love Me, The Syndrome

Note: I am not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on tv. Keep in mind that my dad is a psychologist. Enjoy. I am stealing that phrase from Dr. Gabor Maté. After posting about being “all in” yesterday, my friend nailed it and ...Read More

Great Basin National Park from both sides…

with a little Mormon who-do-you-know Heading west, we are leaving Great Basin National Park. I see the reflected sunset blend pinks, blues and purples across the mountains. I wish I could capture what I see. These mountains’ die cut shapes are now printed in ...Read More

Why I am NOT voting for Mitt Romney

As my husband, Dave, and I walk the pathways along Park City, Utah’s Swaner Nature Preserve my thoughts are clear. My words come easily. They come in strings of vivid analogies, perfect metaphors and complete, well formed thoughts, or, at least in that moment, ...Read More

Shutting Doors: my own self help

  I have no idea where the phrase, “keep someone at arm’s length,” comes from and believe me I looked it up. I do think that whoever thought it up was on to something. Boundaries, I never had them and I still have to ...Read More