Marriage Archive

Ropes and Rabbit Holes

[So many commas & parentheticals] Earlier, Dave, my husband, and arguably my much taller half, made an off handed comment regarding how he is received (in the workplace). He was like,  “If they don’t like my tone, then they can deal with it.” (In ...Read More

Riding Over the Sharks is Better Together

Standing at the brand new park near our home, the evening was the kind of Autumn chilly I love. It was just cold enough for me to zip my hoody all the way and wear a favorite hat (kind of an aqua blue with ...Read More

Hey Europe, Next Time We Are Taking The Kids

We flew EasyJet from Geneva, Switzerland to Gatwick, England. I loved our time in Geneva. I mean, I love, love loved our time traveling from Geneva to Gruyere and then onto Montreux, where we hung out at the stunning Château de Chillon. After Montreux, ...Read More

Happy Seventh Anniversary, Dave!

Last week this copper tea kettle came in the mail for me. Dave and I had seen one just like it on our recent trip to Washington DC. Dave had secretly ordered it for me. Because I can be a little wishy-washy about things, ...Read More