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A list of Coming Attractions

I took this picture when my camera and I took a walk two Sundays ago. I have several more pictures from my little adventure, and I have been trying to find a moment to post them. I don’t know where my days are going, ...Read More

Say “So Long” to THE DUKE

Update Thursday 2:08 PM Right before our trip Dave decided to shave his winter beard. (He grew a voluminous man-beard over the cold months to protect his face while working on the house.) Thank goodness for warm weather. While shaving, he paused and decided ...Read More

Liars and Lies

Okay, I am trying to get re-motivated as far as blogging CrazyUs goes. It, (blogging, that is), has become just another everyday and crazy social construct, like working in the corporate world or going to high school, that I find myself trying to negotiate. ...Read More

Real World / Blog World Challenge

    Ok . . . humph . . . so most of the people I know in the human world have no idea what a blog is. If they do, it’s a superficial knowledge at best. And their superficial knowledge comes out sounding ...Read More