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Water Sounds and Feelings Talk

  Sploosh: The Sound of Something Getting Thrown Into Water “Shh! Mom, I am venting! You have to do it. So do I!” Eli says as he literally shakes his fists in the air and makes a large growling noise [insert teenage-boy-Muppet-voice here. And ...Read More

A Birthday Present, Albeit Belated

I have been an up and down all-around roller coaster of emotions for several days. The obvious reason is my birthday. I hate getting older. I love being remembered. I hate worrying about being remembered. I do not like being the center of attention. ...Read More

First Draft: The Measure of My Creation

I found something. I found something I still can do. I can write. Enamored, I felt it in myself: a self that has felt lonely, lost, and redundant. An education was secondary. Eternity. Proclamations to the family, and be-ye-therefore perfects consumed my breath. Do ...Read More